Tools to Develop and Deploy PHP Application


In this Tutorial you will come to know the basic Products Required To Develop and Deploy an PHP Applications.

To Develop and to deploy an PHP Applications , the following products are Requried:

Full Guide to .htaccess File

HT Acces File
is a file used for security of files and directories on your server where your site is hosted. "ht" stands for "hypertext", and .htaccess originally controlled access for each directory through, for instance, the requirement of a password for access.The  .htaccess
has now developed into a powerful root file with the authority and

How to phonegap Android development

Phone gap Android

This guide describes how to set up your development environment for
Cordova and run a sample application. Note that Cordova used to be
called PhoneGap, so some of the sites still use the old PhoneGap name.

Phone Gap Introduction

phone gap

Phone Gap lets developers use web technologies to develop an iPhone
app. Apple has a web browser object developers can use to display HTML
content. Usually developers use it to display HTML from a remote web
server. What PhoneGap does is let developers create their user interface
using HTML in the web browser object instead of the built-in user
interface objects (buttons, lists, text fields, etc).

How to use Web Trends

Web Trends Analytics
WebTrends Overview

WebTrends is a market leader and industry standard
in web analytics. All of our market and facility websites have access to
a WebTrends profile customized to track their site activity. In the ICU
Tool, the WebTrends profile and analysis tool can be found on the menu bar
under Advice / Traffic Reporting.

Parsing TSV file for Tribune

File : FileOps.php

class Classes_FileOps{
	private $_file = null;
	private $_fileHandle = null;
	 * This is the contructor for the class.
	 * It is going to check if the file exists.
	 * If the file doesnot exist it will echo out a message.
	 * @param unknown_type $file
	public function __construct($file){
			$this->_file = $file;
			die("The file does not exist. Please try a valid file name");
	protected function readFile(){

Zend Framework Scheduling & Job Queue

Web applications usually follow a synchronous communication model. However, non-interactive and long-running tasks (such as report generation) are better suited for asynchronous execution. One way to off-load tasks to run at a later time, or even on a different server, is use the Job Queue module available as a part of Zend Server 5 (though not as part of the Community Edition).