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I am an IT Consultant enthusiastic to hand crafted code and exclusive, exceptional designs that will make an online experience straightforward and fun. I am constantly on the sentinel for new clients who are looking to improve their web presence. Running on projects at any juncture is one of my specialties. My clients are everything to me small or big, you would get my 100% allegiance, value work and finest customer services.

My Mott: express, excellence, and value.

Facebook Apps Are Leaking Your Profile to Third Parties

Facebook Apps Are Leaking Your Profile to Third Parties

Not that I'm really shocked by any of this, but Symantec says Facebook apps are giving third parties access to your profile. That Farmville request doesn't look so benign and innocent now, does it?

How to Find and Fix 404 Errors

How to Find and Fix 404 Errors

If you’ve changed post slugs, taxonomy slugs, or permalink structures, you likely created 404 pages (page-not-found URLs) along the way.

These 404 pages certainly aren’t helpful for visitors who stumble across them and can increase your bounce rate. It can be a particular problem if search engines, pingbacks, and/or internal and external links are sending traffic to the old URLs.

Here’s how to resolve the issue:

Stage 1: Identify 404 Problem Pages